spring break!

by cute boy kissing booth

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a pop/sound art album written and recorded while on spring break. the original idea for the project was to set every project and obligation i had aside and just write and record music constantly. there would be no rules and no limitations, beyond the time-limit.
i did just that.

thanks to colleen wynn for the cover art (she also designed the unlimited-free-milkshakes label logo!) check her out here - www.flickr.com/photos/colleen-w

love&thanks to everyone involved.


released April 5, 2012



all rights reserved



тнайк ч☻ц ♡*

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Track Name: the first snow of the year
the first snow of the year

doing all the things
i used to do with
cold showers.
daytime television.
taking time release
morphine in bed.
i can’t remember
who i was on the
phone with


i saw my friends at a party
i should go out now
i saw my friends at a show
i should go out now
i wish i could sing i wish i could write
i wish i could stay up all night
like i did when i was on speed like i did when i was sixteen
but I'm not gonna write a song about you
i'm not gonna write a song about you


(shooting dope)

words by sam ray
read by iphi/foie gras (http://foie.bandcamp.com/)
extra thanks to dan collins
Track Name: songs about people
springtime 2008
go to work every day
and every night when i got off
we'd smoke weed in your backyard
i picked her up in my car
she was crying in my arms
and it rained all day it wouldn't stop
i bought her a donut we went into the woods
Track Name: the false start song
you were in the yard
throwing rocks at my head
and when you find out all my secrets
ill be long gone
you'll be hanging around a lake
or smoking crack in your basement
i know dirt it makes
makes me grow strong
that's why i eat a handful of it
before every song
i know the pills they make
make me grow strong
that's why i eat a handful of them
before every song
you'll be hanging around with your friends
and we'll never have to go to school again

thanks to eric for playing drums <3
Track Name: eric reads a poem
i can feel it when i’m talking to you

the worms like factory workers
the planes full of people
passing over like birds
friends kissing each other
getting into cars and leaving
coming back
even if i were dead
my body a factory
for worms to work in
i am practicing
to become a payphone
outdated and full of
time infinite and nothing
all at once and i know of
nothing more beautiful
but for now
your heart is a 6-year old’s
birthday party
your mouth is a bed of flowers
covered in snow.

words by eric livingston
read by eric livingston
Track Name: i was my own favorite tv show the summer my tv broke
they are coming now
riding bikes behind my car
and no matter how fast i go
i can't leave them behind
a spider pulled from your hair
a feeling that was never there
i stayed up last night
in fact i never slept at all
and on the drive home
i saw a glowing ball of light
rising high above my car
i felt it brush against my cheek
and every summer day
i lost you a little more
taking off my clothes
i am all alone
Track Name: heartless
tattoo it on your lip
write it on your blog
talk it over with your friends
sing it in your songs
wear it on a shirt
put it on your car
cars can drive fast
cars can go far
you could never be in love with a guy like me
even though i have great taste in books
i could buy you dinner sometimes i have money
i'm funny but i don't have a heart
Track Name: hayden reads a poem
take valium until you can’t speak
collapse at your sister’s dance recital

words by hayden asche
read by hayden asche
Track Name: in the dark
i stayed up for days like i am wont to do
i see you moving in the walls
and when i close my eyes, as i often do
i see you moving in the dark
beside me
Track Name: bill schafer is not a real person
not real // everything got weird again
Track Name: my ghost pal ʕº̫͡ºʔ ʕº̫͡ºʔ ʕº̫͡ºʔ
i watched your hands in a dark and crowded room
i watched them speak to you
does the taste in my mouth remind you of violence
we all taste what we feel

i packed up all i owned and set off for the sea
i carried along a journal of everything you said to me
'this was just a dream'

inspired by jamie’s tweet (@jayflour)
‘I feel like 1 of those ill people from 19th century literature who need to go to the sea to heal’
Track Name: the goodbye door
with love&thanks to gabriella